How it Works

  • You share with me what your wanting people to find you on Google for.
  • I research what terms are most searched in relation to your product/service.
  • I’ll determine what search terms have the highest volume and are best suited to your business. 
  • I’ll put all the information you need into a keyword research report
  • You will then be able to write SEO optimised copy.


Keyword research

  • Do you write your own copy but need to know what keywords to use?
  • Have you noticed your website isn’t ranking in Google?
  • Are you too busy to do your own keyword research?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I’m here to help.

Having keyword research will help you to write SEO optimised copy. This will give you a greater chance of ranking well in Google.

Keyword research is all about knowing your target market and how they’re searching for your products or services.

I don’t just find the most popular overall search terms. Instead, I’ll also provide you with seasonal keywords, keywords by competitor and keywords by region.

Whether you need help with just one page of your website or every page, I can help. Get in touch to get a free quote.