My Story

Content marketing and copywriting.
Hi. I’m Cath a Content Marketer and I specialise in helping small business with their content and copywriting needs.  I am a firm believer in keeping things simple, realistic and achievable. Too many times I have seen small business owners become so overwhelmed with “marketing” that they end up doing nothing.

I can help you get those ideas and thoughts running around in your head out into the world effectively. You know the ones?  They lurk around in the back of your mind and pop up just as you are in the middle of something else. They get a bit confusing and can leave you not knowing where to start.  I love helping you articulate your business story so that you can share it with the right customers.

I believe great communication and great relationships go a long way to helping us all grow professionally and personally.

When I am not writing I love travelling, reading, hanging out with my husband and kids, connecting with friends and being active……and just to keep things balanced I have a healthy appetite for eating great food and drinking great wine too.

Cath x
I would love to work with you.
Running a small business is full on! I understand that you don’t have the time to become an expert content marketer or copywriter (nor should you have to) and that’s where I can help.  I can get you started with my content and copywriting services specifically designed for small business.