The business of marketing has got a whole lot more achievable for small business and even better, a whole lot more genuine for us all. You no longer need to feel overwhelmed by marketing.

If you get the feeling that marketing is completely overwhelming.  Don’t.  Content marketing has changed the playing field and it is here to stay. Best of all one of the biggest winners is (drum roll please)… guessed it…..small business.

I am a massive supporter of anything that boosts small business, but for me the reason I love marketing more now than ever goes way deeper.  I just love that the marketplace has become a whole lot more genuine than it once was and that not only brings me comfort as a marketer, but also as a consumer.

I am not sure if the big marketing budgets associated with traditional marketing are solely to blame, or if it was just a time where we did things big and loud and in your face.  From my mind though big budgets can do weird things and to me it often became more about the campaign than the product – let alone the customer.

Bells and whistles were in abundance but sadly a frequent side effect to all this hullabaloo was over promising and under delivering.  There was a lot of hard sell and not a lot of getting into the consumers shoes. Don’t get me wrong, many companies were able to forge ahead in these big budget, big campaign times, but it was a time were small business often got left behind.

Enter internet marketing along with social media and things have changed – in a BIG way.

  1. Consumers can get knowledgeable about a product or service from the comfort of their lounge room before they think about buying. And they aren’t just checking you out, they know a thing or two about your competitor too.
  2. Selling became consumer initiated instead of seller initiated. Gone are the days of saying “look at me, I have a fantastic product so buy it”. Now consumers are the ones that go looking and you need to make sure you can be found. That means being specific about who your market is, knowing what they like and where they hang out. Prospects need to connect with you and trust you before they will buy from you so it is really important that you are providing them with value.
  3. The Internet and social media has dramatically changed the cost of marketing. It cuts out things like designing, writing, editing, printing and advertising associated with traditional marketing methods.  While having some budget is still very beneficial, it is not imperative with many small businesses able to gain traction by providing great content, learning SEO basics and providing value to their customer.

The great thing about content marketing and where we are now is that the playing field has got a whole lot more even.  Budgets no longer win the race.  Sure, they can help but you will find winners of every business size and the reason is the same for the big guy as it is for the one man band – they make connections, build relationships, provide value, share expertise and genuinely care about what they do and about those that consume it.